Welcome to DreiKäseHoch

Dreikäsehoch is pleased to welcome children and parents from different countries and nationalities. Due to the many queries we have had from interested parents, we would like to make certain information about our kindergarten available to offer non-German speaking parents the possibility to learn more about DreiKäseHoch. We are no ordinary kindergarten – we are a parent initiative. One needs to know this, when applying for a place with us. Parent initiative means that DreiKäseHoch is essentially managed by the parents. This has the advantage that parents have the right to say more about the institution and how their children are cared for. That is why they take on many tasks which would either be assigned to an external service provider or would otherwise not be available. So parents offer for example a playfully taught foreign language or music class. The involvement of parents pays off. A wider range of teaching is offered, while at the same time parents are allowed to participate actively in the kindergarten’s daily routine and so be closer. This also gives our team of kindergarten teachers much more time to spend intensively caring for our children.

We are quite many

Our team of teachers looks after approximately 60 children between the ages of four months and school entry in three different groups. This does not mean that contact between the children is exclusively within their particular groups. On the contrary, whenever it is sensible (for example music or English class or doing gymnastics) we work with overlapping teams, so that the kids are age-based taught.

Our three groups

The Bärengruppe (Bear group): this group is our so called „Düsseldorfer Family Group“, with about 16 children between the ages of four months and the age of school entry.
The Sternengruppe (Star group): these are our older kids with about 22 children between three years and school entry.
The Sonnenblumengruppe (Sunflower group): this group starts at the age of 2 years and has 22 children as well.
As a rule, two to three teachers work in each group. They are supported by childcare workers and interns, so that an above average child care ratio is achieved.
Each of these three groups has its own separate area with big group rooms, their own bathroom and corridor. Every group is subdivided according to the needs of the children, into a sleeping room for the little ones and a playroom or building area for the older children.

This is what it looks like

Our kindergarten is in a quiet side street in a residential area of Düsseldorf-Golzheim. It is located in a bright building in a quiet and sheltered courtyard. We have a large gymnastics’ room, which is also used for celebrations and assembly meetings, and a modern kitchen. In 2013, our garden was completely redone with newly bought playground equipment. It offers our children a large sandbox with a mud area, a football area, a multi-level jungle gym with slides and a playhouse allowing many possibilities of play and discovery.

The way to our heart is through our stomach

We value a healthy, balanced diet with fresh and season corresponding ingredients. Children with allergies are also taken into consideration. As much as possible, we buy bio-foods and utilize local products from the region. Furthermore, we use many seasonal fruits and vegetables, because our children should also taste the seasons. The meal plans are specified by the parents. The parents also determine which products are bought where. Our own cook ensures that the meals always taste delicious.


Our concern is the upbringing of our children into independent, emotionally stable, able to deal with conflicts, tolerant human beings who are responsible towards the environment and their fellow man. In taking care of our children, we appreciate and esteem each other and the individual needs of our children which are suitably served by the various educational approaches we operate. These include Montessori, situation oriented concepts and project-based work.

Parent‘s work

All parents are members in one work-committee per child. Around 40-50 cooperative work hours per year are estimated for each child. There are many committees, for example for celebrations, finances, the kitchen, the garden, the technical IT-support, language or music teaching. The assignment is determined each year by our so-called executive management board. Of course, in the process, it is regarded, that the parents’ experiences and inclinations are optimally utilized. Also, participating in the periodical assembly meetings (about 2x per quarter) is obligatory, since many topics and issues must be regularly discussed and decided.

How can I register my child?

For registration in DreiKäseHoch a few formalities need to be observed. One of these is a direct registration at DreiKäseHoch. Therefore, it is required to complete our registration form and questionnaire (click here for link: registration form questionnaire). In addition, interested parents must register through the central online-portal of Düsseldorf, the Kita-Navigator (click here for link: Kita-Navigator).

For any questions regarding registration or any problems with the forms, you are welcome to contact us at:

DreiKäseHoch e.V.
Management: Melanie Maas
Zietenstraße 58 - 60
40476 Düsseldorf

Phone: 0211-44 55 88
Fax: 0211-514 41 08
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For those who would like to have a look at our kindergarten, we offer an Open Day once a year. It is usually on a Saturday in September. The exact date of the next open day will be announced on this website. If you cannot join us in September or would like to have a look around our kindergarten at a different time of year, please contact us by phone or email for an appointment. Please understand that it is not always possible to offer individual guided tours.

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